Resource Center Speeches

Food for the Hungry ( Hunger Warriors)
Public Forum at Central Luzon State University
By: Antonio Meloto

Gawad Kalinga is not just about houses. That is a strategy simply for popular branding and easy recall. Our work is nation-building, with a clear objective to bring the Philippines out of poverty within one generation, from 2003- 2024. The platform is basic and simple: land for the landless, home for the homeless, and food for the hungry. They resonate with the most fundamental human aspirations: land, for roots and security; home, for cover and comfort; and food, for sustenance and nurture. 

The Challenge of a Hundred Days: Believing that Filipinos can End Poverty and Corruption in the Philippines

By: Antonio Meloto
The first 100 days after June 30 is not just for the new President to prove to us that he can lead but, more importantly, for all of us to prove to ourselves that we love this country enough to set aside our differences and interests to help him succeed and finally show the world that we are not too selfish and self-serving...and downright stupid... in the practice of our faith and freedom.

Global Summit 2010
(held last June 2010 at Singapore)

Tony Meloto's Speech
The joy of Singapore is the joy of the Philippines but the joy of the Philippines is also the joy of Singapore the pains of the Philippines will also be the pain of Singapore and so tonight we are here to celebrate this perfect moment of our friendship but tonight I’m here just to acknowledge the emerging heroes from the Philippines who will no longer accept poverty for themselves and for generations to come and no longer be defined by poverty and we will no longer be a country of squatters of slum dwellers we will no longer be a country of hungry fishermen and no longer be victims of natural calamities we are going to work together to rise together and we will leave no one behind 

Chang Mia Chan Speech
Our students learned about finding simplicity and happiness the value of true friendships here is what one of our students wrote in his journal after visiting the Philippines: personally, I feel that being able to experience happiness and simplicity left the most impact on me the villagers enjoyed the time with the friends. This allows me to understand that the gadgets we have can never be compared with the friends we can make.

Vivian Balakrishnan Speech

Justice defines opportunity that is facing poverty to far from our own. And in this imperfect world which sends me opportunity that there is a need for us that we are all human beings. We are all brothers and sisters. We all have a heart we all have hopes we all have dreams we have dreams and anxieties we all have families the people we care of and depend on and first thing to realize to common humanity and Gawad Kalinga represents common humanity.