GK Community Health believes that every Filipino has the right to good health, and ensures that community health care services are delivered to those that need it the most. Volunteer doctors, nurses and medical practitioners here and abroad contribute to ensure that health profiles of GK residents are maintained, connect them to local health care centers and hospitals, and train Health Care Volunteers from among the residents who can help address the community’s own day-to-day health needs.


Poverty kills. Ten mothers die daily due to pregnancy and childbirth-related causes. Six out of 10 Filipinos die without getting any medical attention. Four million children are malnourished and 50% of the population has no health care access. These are just a few among a long list of saddening statistics.

These figures account for names, lives and faces. They all have families, dreams, and talents to give. Just like any other person who breathes, the poor have the right to good health and we exist to uphold it.

Gawad Kalinga Kalusugan recognizes the depth of the country’s health problem. We believe that health does not only pertain to the physical welfare but to the overall well being of a person. We also believe that people can overcome problems pertaining to health once they are empowered.  Health is in the hands of the people. The poor deserve more than just dole out and band aid solutions. They deserve to experience overall well being. They deserve to be empowered to care for themselves and that of the community for the long term.


GK Kalusugan, our community health program, is now in 384 GK villages to date. We have close to 1,000 trained health workers who are also GK residents. In all these achievements, what we are most proud about lies in the power of we.

Everyone who has been working with GK Kalusugan believes in the vision of a healthy nation. We believe that it can be done when we focus all our efforts towards one mission.

A lot of time and energy has been spent in identifying the needs of the people by working closely with the community residents. With this knowledge, the fulltime workers, partners and volunteers are all guided on how they can help to further the mission of GK Kalusugan.

GK Kalusugan receives support in time and resources. Our partners provide financial support while others facilitate raising funds from their families and friends. The funds are used to implement the program and in the employment of human resources. Other partners donate in kind, providing medicines for the TB and nutrition programs as well as first aid kits. Partners from the academe support us through research studies, documentation and monitoring. Student volunteers and medical practitioners share of their time to teach, empower and build relationship with the community residents.  Partners from the government result to better access to health services. Other partners also make continuous learning for GK workers possible by providing free venues and trainings to provide the best for the least. Experts help out by sharing their knowledge. We believe that everyone has something unique to offer in response to the identified needs and priorities of the community.

There are also three strategies by which we run our program: Capacity Enhancement (SIGLA), Services Delivery (SERBISYO), and Systems Development (SISTEMA).

Through SIGLA, we aim to empower the people in the community and provide them with a venue to learn new skills so as they can look out for their own health and the health of the community. Health leaders, chosen among the beneficiaries themselves, are trained to become the front liners or first contact health providers, health counselors and mobilizers. The full-time workers are also given continuous capacity enhancement to update their skills which translates to better service for the community. This strategy is made possible by financial support from partners as well as technical skills from experts and student volunteers. The financial support will address implementation of the training, operational costs and materials. Volunteering to teach first aid, basic health concepts, health promotion and possible mentoring will greatly help GK health workers build up their skills for the accomplishment of their tasks.

Through SERBISYO, we help out in providing much needed health services in the form of tuberculosis (TB) treatment, Nutrition Program and PhilHealth Enrollment to name a critical few. Partners come in to provide TB medicines, food and sponsorship. The people in the community, especially the trained health workers, are much involved in the implementation of the services as well as in monitoring. Health professionals also come in to provide the technical skills needed.

Through SISTEMA, we aim to establish a better health system so as to cultivate in the people better attitude towards health and to facilitate better access to health services and facilities. The key to this strategy is our partnership with the institutions and the local government units.


Just sharing about the program to your friends and colleagues makes a big difference to us.  You can also help by:

   1. Visiting a GK community and helping train our GK residents on basic first aid skills.

   2. Sponsor feeding activities and help address malnutrition among poor children.

   3. Teach the community practical tips on how to better care for their health.

   4. If you are a medical practitioner, adopt a GK village and conduct regular medical missions and bring the community to wholeness.

   5. Share the activities of GK Kalusugan to your colleagues who have the passion to uphold health as a right of each human being.

If you are interested to volunteer for GK Kalusugan, please email us at