Child & Youth Development
GK Child & Youth Development aims to develop the skills and talents of the children and youth in the GK communities by inculcating values that bring out their full potential.

Child and Youth Development program includes four sub-programs for children and youth ages 3 to 25 years old:

(sibol meaning “to grow”) serves children ages 3 to 6 years old. It is a community-based pre-school program which envisions each child be imbued with positive Filipino values and be academically prepared for formal schooling.  Classes are held in a Sibol school located in each GK community.

GK SAGIP (sagip meaning “to save”) is an acronym for Sagipin Ang Galing Isip at Pangarap ng mga Kabataan (save the talents, minds & dreams of the youth). It caters to children ages 7 to 13 years old and seeks to nurture the new found hope and dreams of the youth through weekly values formation activities that promote the values of love for God, country, family & fellowmen.

GK SIGA (siga meaning “to give light”) for 14 to 21 year old. We seek to empower the youth in our GK communities to initiate and model change in self, family, community, and society and become a light to the nation. Through the weekly barkadahan (group of friends) sessions, the youth are provided with opportunities to hone their skills and talents that will make them patriotic and productive citizens of society.


Many poor children, 7 out of 10, are unable to enjoy studying, cannot focus on class or are unable to attend school because they have to scavenge for food or work very early in life to help their families. They become too tired or sickly and most often cannot afford to receive quality education because of poverty.

We believe that every child has the right to learn how to read and write, to be taught the right values that will equip them for a better life.
GK’s Child and Youth Development program or CYD seeks to provide a values-based early childhood education for young children in GK communities.  The youth are also helped by developing their potentials through a values-based formation program. Through the arts, sports and other technical and academic skills trainings, values are taught to every child in the community.

We envision every child and youth in our GK communities to be living with dignity and empowered to become heroes for God and country. 


The children and youth of GK communities need role models who can help them learn and fulfill their potentials; you can help them by sharing your time,treasures and talents:

1.     Tutor a child ONCE a week.

2.     Donating school supplies and get your friends to help.

3.     Build a playground or a school for the children.

4.     Help develop learning modules for the children and the youth.

5.     Sponsor a child or a youth's education.

6.     Sponsor the salary of an education so that they can continue teaching.

7.     Facilitate any of the 4 programs of GK CYD.
Interested in volunteering for CYD?  Please email us at: